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Infection prevention and control measures, rules to be followed in ursa mică glamping resort, applicable during the warning status as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Dear customers, Ursa Mica Glamping Resort has been and is a safe place in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and food safety.

The glamping stretches over a private area of ​​40,000 square meters, at an altitude of 1200m, away from urban or even rural areas, but on an accessible road, thus becoming a perfect location to ensure all measures of social distance and protection against the pandemic.

Your safety and health aswel as Ursa Mica Glamping employees is extremely important.

Below are the infection prevention and control measures implemented by Ursa Mica Glamping resort according to the legislation in use:

  1. Ursa Mica Glamping Resort is a location where almost all activities take place outdoors and this year we have, almost completely, limited access to enclosed areas.
  2. After making the online reservation, the customer will receive a link with an app that will allow him to check in and check out online, including the signature being online which means that the reception procedure in an enclosed space is completely eliminated, and also everything takes place without physical proximity.
  3. During the alert state, before entering the glamping, all clients will have an epidemiological control, respectively a body temperature test. Thus, the client will stop at the entrance to the resort in the marked area, at the control point – access to the premises for the epidemiological triage consisting in temperature control. You will find the access control point after you park the car, on the left side, immediately at the main entrance. There will be one of the guests, with a mask over his mouth and nose, to receive control of the temperature. The other members of the family will wait at a distance of 2 m and will enter one by one for temperature control. The access of guests, whose body temperature, measured at the entrance to the premises, exceeds 37.3C will not be allowed, according to the legislation in force.
  4. After performing the epidemiological triage, the client, having checked in online for all family members, must appoint a representative who will be led to the tent and who will be given a brief presentation on the use of the tent and other facilities, keeping distance from minimum 1.5 m and protective mask.
  5. During the alert state, the access of the visitors will be limited. In the resort, access will be allowed exclusively to guests.
  6. The meals will be only be served outdoors, respecting the social distance, in a take-away system, until the opening of the terraces and restaurants. At each table, there will only be people who are staying in the same tent. Attention: the tables cannot be moved, no groups will be formed.
  7. Beverage orders from the bar will be made through the same application through which check-in and check-out are done, and can be picked up from the specially arranged outdoor area, without contact with employees or other customers. Please return the glasses to the area specially arranged for them to be picked up by the staff and sent for disinfection.
  8. At the end of the stay, after paying for the services used, the client can make the payment with the credit card, thus eliminating the use of cash and physical proximity.
  9. According to the law in use, starting with 15.05.2020, in closed spaces it is mandatory to wear a mask, so that both the nose and mouth are covered. Please respect the rules of using the protective mask presented in the panels inside the glamping.
  10. Wearing a protective mask is mandatory when approaching (not more than 1.5 m) employees of Ursa Mica Glamping.
  11. Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 m from Ursa Mica Glamping employees and other people is mandatory.
  12. Washing hands with soap and water, for a minimum of 30 seconds or disinfection as often as possible (mandatory before eating, after touching common surfaces, after removing the protective mask, etc.).
  13. In all common areas you will find disinfectant offered free of charge, and in the bathrooms antibacterial soap and disposable paper towels.
  14. All closed or open areas where glamping activity takes place will be disinfected with chlorine-based solution.
  15. It is forbidden to form groups larger than 3 people who are not part of the same family.
  16. In closed spaces, access is allowed to a maximum of 3 people who are not part of the same family (for example to the bathrooms). Please wait at the entrance at a distance of at least 1.5 m according to the markings.
  17. In open spaces, please wait at a distance of at least 1.5 m from the person in front or from Ursa Mica Glamping employees.
  18. The wooden hot-tubs can only be used by appointment, and a hot-tub will only fit people who are staying in the same tent. We will not allow access to a hot-tub of several people from several tents, even if they know each other.
  19. During the pandemic period of covid-19, sauna will be closed until further notice of the Romanian authorities.
  20. During this period the children’s playground will not be open and we will also not be offering the children’s toys, or the board games that we usually provide at our location.
  21. Throughout the glamping you will find markings and indications regarding the prevention norms. Please respect the markings inside Ursa Mica Glamping. If you take into consideration to make a reservation, please be advised that you can place it on our website for now under a non-refundable policy.

If you are travelling from other countries, please check the travel reccomandations as well as https://www.mae.ro/en/travel-alerts.

Thank you for your understanding and let’s stay healthy.

Ursa Mica Glamping Team

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