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I’m sure you have lots of questions, such as “why should I visit Romania” or “Is Romania a nice place to visit?”, ”Are there bears in Romania?”, “Is the wilderness safe in Romania?” and so on. Here’s all you need to know before booking a reservation at Ursa Mică Glamping Resort, so you can start your Transylvanian adventure in the best possible conditions.

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately, not. We already have 2 shepherd dogs, essential to our protection. They’re super friendly with people, but not with other animals (that’s why we have them, in the first place). Nevertheless, when you arrive here, please offer them time to accommodate and get to know you. Don’t head straight to pet them, please. It’s best you let them first approach you.

Are there bears in Romania?

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe. Most bears want food, not scandal. It’s highly unlikely for them to enter our glamping resort. Not a single bear paid us a visit since we opened. Our shepherd dogs are always on duty, and we take all necessary precautions. We have a zero-waste policy, so we don’t throw leftovers in the trash can. Instead, we give them to the farm animals nearby. That way, we avoid inviting trouble over our glamping resort and we maintain an environmentally conscious attitude. That’s precisely why we kindly ask you to avoid keeping snacks and sandwiches inside the tent.

Are unregistered visitors/guests welcome?

Yes, we are open for clients from outside the premises. If you decide to show up at our doorstep, we’ll welcome you with wide open arms. Yet, when you arrive at our glamping resort, please wait to be retrieved from the entrance by a member of our staff. You are most welcome to dine at our restaurant or terrace. Allow us to surprise you with delicious meals and a wide range of beverages. However, you are not allowed to wander around the tent area. We value the privacy and comfort of our registered guests.

Can you provide airport transfer?

Yes. We can provide airport transfer to and from Ursa Mica Glamping Resort. Please send us a request along with your reservation, mentioning the number of people in your group, the day and time you wish to be picked-up, including details of the return trip, and you will receive a price quotation.

How safe is Ursa Mica?

Ursa Mica Glamping Resort is a private property, and our trusted dogs make sure it stays this way. We also have surveillance cameras all over the place. Nevertheless, if you have valuables, we can lock them in a safe, at the reception.

Is it a place for kids?

Absolutely. We hope we can spark their sense of wonder and curiosity and encourage them to discover and protect the natural surroundings.

Is it hard to reach?

It’s a remote destination, indeed, but it’s easily accessible from all surrounding cities and main roads. We are forty minutes away from Brasov, two and a half hours away from Bucharest and fifteen minutes away from Dâmbovicioara. You can reach us by train or bus and then you can call for a cab, or you can come directly by car. Should you ever get lost, we’re here to assist and guide you. We also provide mini buses for larger groups or taxis for smaller ones.

Is Romania a nice place to visit?

There is a great abundance of unique places to visit in Romania. The country enjoys epic scenery (great for taking photos), presents a rich culture and biodiversity and it’s also safe to travel.

Is the wilderness safe in Romania?

Though we have bears, lynxes, wolves, boars, and other wild animals, they’re shy and tend to avoid humans. If by any chance, you encounter a wild animal, avoid approaching, touching, or trying to take a selfie with it. This applies to all animals, especially cubs. Their mothers are always in proximity, and they can turn very aggressive in a split-second. Which of course, is very natural. For your own safety and for conservation reasons, interacting with animals is not an option.

Open for team buildings, corporate events, or a special event in one’s life?

Yes, yes, and yes. Call or e-mail and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

What should I bring with me?

We are well equipped, like a true mountain glamping resort. However, for your own comfort and safety, it’s mandatory you bring appropriate trekking waterproof boots, a raincoat, and warm waterproof clothes, especially if you intend to hike. Even in July or August, it gets chilly at over 1250m altitude.

What should I not bring with me?

We kindly ask you not to bring any food. There’s plenty in our restaurant and we don’t store anything other than our own provisions that meet a certain standard. Under no circumstances should you leave any food or drinks outside and inside your tent, especially during the night. Barbecues and loud music are strictly prohibited. It’s quiet here, and we intend to keep it this way. Also, we don’t want to turn our glamping resort into an outdoor food court. As mentioned above, we only serve food and beverages in the designated area. We work hard and we’re proud of our cooking (barbeque included) and of the wide range of beverages we manage to provide at 1250 m altitude. Anyways, bringing food or drinks inside a restaurant is strictly prohibited by law all over the country.

Why should I visit Romania?

Romania is home to breathtaking nature, Medieval castles and citadels and picturesque villages. Due to its varied landscape, Romania is the most graphically diverse country in the European Union. It has snow-capped mountains, green hills, thick, widespread forests, sandy beaches, and Europe's largest and best-preserved delta.

Will I have access to all utilities (water, electricity, wi-fi)?

Absolutely. But we tend to be very conscious, to maintain a sustainable glamping resort with a minimum impact on the environment. Even though we are the hosts, we like to think we’re all Mother Nature’s guests, so let’s all spend our time here with utmost care and respect.

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