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Regulation Internal Order


Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about the mandatory internal regulations when using the services of Ursa Mică Glamping Resort. We draw your attention to the fact that when paying for the services of  Ursa Mică Glamping Resort, you automatically accept the internal regulations and respect them. In case of non-compliance with the regulations, SC Ursa Mică SRL. assumes no liability and can claim compensation for damages caused by customers.

Ursa Mică Glamping Resort reserves the right to select guests.

General dispositions

1. The entrance to Ursa Mică Glamping Resort is made only with the consent of the staff.

2. The valid price list as well as the operating hours are displayed at the reception. The management of Ursa Mică Glamping Resort reserves the right to change existing rates or operating hours without prior notice. All information will be displayed and updated.

3. Ursa Mică Glamping Resort does not assume responsibility for the loss or disappearance of personal belongings left or forgotten in the restaurant, sauna, terrace, sunbeds, etc., as well as for valuables. We recommend that you do not leave valuables in sight and unattended.

4. On the territory of Ursa Mică Glamping Resort, photography and filming are allowed, only while  respecting the privacy of existing customers, but the management of the complex does not assume responsibility for the processing or distribution by customers of these photo-video materials.

5. Any person who benefits from the services offered by Ursa Mică Glamping Resort has the obligation to respect the guidelines and instructions of the staff.

6. In exceptional cases, technical malfunctions, lack of water or electricity, etc., the management of the complex may change the program displayed at the entrance or may interrupt the activity. In this case, the paid services will not be refunded, but will be compensated with other services on another day.

7. To avoid accidents, please follow the instructions of the staff and the warning panels.

8. Please notify the staff in case of extraordinary events (accidents, fire, the presence of dangerous objects) in order to intervene.

9. In case of using the ammenities in an inappropriate way, without respecting the instructions, the icons, SC Ursa Mică SRL. does not assume responsibility for accidents caused by customers.

10. Persons who violate this regulation will be evacuated, and in case of repeated indiscipline, they will no longer have access to the complex.

11. Failure to comply with the above obligations will result in the application of warnings and sanctions, as follows:

– in violation of the hygiene rules provided, the customer will be verbally warned, while the repeated violation of the rules will lead to the prohibition of access to the premises.

12. The above sanctions also apply to non-compliance with order and cleanliness on the premises.

13. In the event of damage or malfunction, damage to equipment, ammenities, space or any other property made available, entails the consequences provided by the regulations and legislation, the person at fault bearing the value of the damage caused.

14. Refusal to suffer damage caused by improper use, destruction of facilities, equipment, space or any other property made available, entails the consequences provided by the regulations and legislation in use.

15. Failure to comply with any other regulations, norms and legal provisions in use, entails bearing the consequences by the perpetrators.

16. Any dispute or misunderstanding shall be settled amicably between the parties, and in the event of their failure to resolve, the disputes shall be settled in court.

Customer entry

1. It is forbidden to access the complex under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with a repulsive appearance or in dirty clothes. Ursa Mică Glamping Resort reserves the right to select guests.

2. It is forbidden to enter the complex with weapons of any kind or objects considered dangerous. We urge you to maintain order inside the complex and not to cause scandals or acts of violence.

3. It is forbidden to enter the complex with outside food and drinks.

4. Guests benefit from the services of the complex, in the order of arrival.

5. Upon entering the complex, the clients will fill in a form (check-in) and will take note of the internal regulations and the regulations regarding the use of the tent.

6. Upon leaving the complex (check-out) the staff of the complex will check the condition of the tent and the goods used by customers.

Customer obligations

  1. It is forbidden to introduce and consume drinks inside the complex.

2. It is mandatory to keep the complex clean and to respect the hygienic-sanitary norms inside the complex.

3. Continuous supervision of children is mandatory.

4. On the territory of Ursa Mică Glamping Resort, access with pets is forbidden.

5. The silence will be kept in order to not disturb other clients in the time interval 23.00-08.00.

6. Towels or linen will not be used for: wiping dyed hair, for removing make-up, cleaning shoes, suitcases, flooring, etc.

7. Towels will be used exclusively for body use.

8. It is forbidden to use obscene, improper language, indecent, violent gestures, as well as behavior that affects the comfort and physical integrity of customers and staff of the complex.

9. To respect the staff and not to damage the goods of the complex: furniture, equipment, hygienic-sanitary installations. The deterioration of the complex’s assets leads to imputation to the persons who caused this.

10. Not to leave with objects from the ammenities of the complex.

11. The menu offered by the restaurant inside the complex is a fixed one and it is not allowed to order other products.

12. Inside the complex, the clients will listen to music at a low volume without disturbing the other clients.

13. The rules of the complex will be respected inside the restaurant and the clients will listen to the instructions of the staff, the broadcasted musical genre will remain at the discretion of the staff within Ursa Mică Glamping Resort.

14. It is forbidden to light a fire in Ursa Mică Glamping Resort, except for the stoves inside the tents.

15. It is forbidden to use the grills in other places than the specially arranged ones.

16. It is forbidden to introduce in the complex, by clients, foreign persons who are not accommodated without the consent of the staff of the complex.

Regulation on the use of outside tubs (ciubere)

1. Access is forbidden to people with open wounds, dermatitis, dermatoses or communicable diseases – the unit reserves the right to refuse access to people with skin conditions, in the tub.

2. Access to the tubs will be made after performing a pre-wash shower to remove acidic substances from the body (derived from the natural process of perspiration).

3. The entrance to the tubs is made only in a bathing suit. It is not allowed to enter the pub in street clothes, topless or naked. People who do not follow this rule will be evacuated from the complex.


Persons with one or more of the diseases listed below are prohibited from entering the common showers or showers:

– Known allergies to chlorine and its compounds

– Allergic diseases other than chlorine

– Conjunctivitis or chronic keratitis

– Chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract

– Chronic bronchopneumonia including asthma

– Dermatoses / other skin diseases

– Anemia

– Epilepsy

– Mental disorders

– Neurological disorders

– Evolutionary infectious-contagious diseases (including carrier strain until sterilization)

– Tuberculosis

– Infections with E. Coli, Giardiasis, Shigella, Salmonella, Vibrio

– Hepatitis A

– Open wounds

Sauna use regulations

1. The sauna is intended for persons over 14 years of age; Children under 14 can only use the sauna with their parents.

2. Out of respect for other guests and for your own protection, please sit on the towel to avoid contact of the sweaty body with the wooden benches; we do not recommend the synthetic fiber swimsuit; we recommend using cotton underwear, in the absence of which a towel around the waist is mandatory.

3. For proper hygiene, a shower is mandatory before, after or between saunas. After drying, you can enter the sauna.

4. Slippers and bathrobes will be left outside the entrance of the sauna. DO NOT leave clothes or towels in the sauna to prevent a fire.

5. The sauna is a wood-enclosed device, so please do not place it over stones, newspapers or any other flammable material.

6. It is forbidden to pour foul-smelling substances on the stones in saunas, as well as to disrespect the desire of other customers not to pour any solution on the stones. Seek the consent of other sauna guests when you want to spray solutions in the sauna and follow their wishes.

7. DO NOT POUR WATER ON STONES IN THIS TYPE OF SAUNA. Remove the lid from the water tank for steam.

8. Pour the sauna oil only in the water tank. NEVER POUR OIL DIRECTLY ON THE STONES! IT CAN BE TOXIC!

9. Prolonged exposure in the sauna can cause nausea, dizziness and fainting. Reasonable time to use the sauna is 10 minutes and it is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes.

10. People with one of the following health problems are not allowed to use the sauna: low or high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or severe lung cancer, people under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, narcotics or tranquilizers, and pregnant women.

11. People who feel dizzy or faint should leave the sauna immediately.

12. Do not use the sauna immediately after an intense workout or after an intense activity.

13. All metal jewelry (gold, silver, etc.) must be removed before entering the sauna, including contact lenses.

14. After each entry to the sauna, cool off in one of the showers to reduce body temperature to normal parameters and set the blood in motion.

15. Between the saunas, a few moments of relaxation are recommended (10 – 15 min) after each entrance. The entrance to the sauna can be repeated twice.

16. It is recommended to consult a doctor before deciding to use the sauna.

17. After the sauna, relax until your heart rate returns to normal, hydrate your body with 1 / 2 L of light, non-acidic fluids and avoid heavy activities.

18. If you are using the sauna for the first time, we recommend that you visit it gradually, starting with a maximum of 2-3 minute sessions.

19. Do not eat before the sauna!

The management of Ursa Mică Leisure Complex reserves the right to take the necessary measures in case of non-compliance with these recommendations.

The full sauna session has the following effects:

• Skin cleansing and stimulating cell regeneration

• Cardiac movement and circulatory adaptation

• Strengthening the immune system

• Stimulation of the pituitary-adrenal system

• Changing the vegetative state with a general feeling of wellbeing

Sauna is highly recommended as a therapy in mild forms of: asthma, bronchitis, muscle and ligament pain, rheumatism. The toning effect is a real help in the treatment of insomnia, stress, depression.

Sauna contraindications:

• Acute internal inflammatory diseases (especially liver and kidney)

• General febrile, viral or bacterial infections

• Acute myocardial infarction

• State of cardiovascular decompensation

• Severe cerebral circulation disorders

• Epilepsy, glaucoma, sexually transmitted diseases, tumors, chronic venous diseases



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