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Stove use regulations and instructions

Dear guests,

As you were informed on our website www.carpathianursa.ro, the heating in our tents is done using the wood stove.

You were also informed on our website that we provide you with the wood and all the necessary tools, but is under your responsibility to ligh and maintain the fire in the stove, but with strict compliance to the instructions for use presented in this regulations.


Open the tent doors for good ventilation and keep them open during the ignition.

Check if the valve behind the stove is parallel to the stove’s downspout.

Place 2 thicker pieces of wood parallel inside the stove.

Put the sorrel on top and place it in a zig-zag pattern.

Place the lighting pill offered by our staff under the kindle and then light it.

Leave the stove door and the tent doors open for about 10 minutes to make a draft.

It is checked after 10 minutes since lighting the fire if smoke comes out of the chimney.

If the smoke comes out of the chimney, and only then, after a few more minutes, close the stove door, respectively the tent doors. Otherwise, the fire goes out and the smoke will go out on the stove, in the tent.


1.  The fire is lit after 20:30. At temperatures above 17 degrees outside, no fire is made in the tent.

2.  Lighting the fire and maintaining it is under the guest’s responsability.

3. If you think that you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to light the fire in the stove, please notify URSA MICA GLAMPING team during working hours.

4. In case you want to light the fire in the stove, but this does not succeed, i.e. there is a lot of smoke coming out of the stove, including smoke coming out of the tent, please notify one of the members of the URSA MICA GLAMPING team immediately.

5. The release of smoke in large quantities in the tent is the result of not using the stove properly or not lighting the fire correctly in the stove.

6. In this case, please stop and notify one of the members of URSA MICA GLAMPING team.

7. The stove in which there is a fire started is hot, please use it carefully so as not to burn yourself. Do not tocuhe the stove while fire is started inside. Do not leave any object on the stove or stuck to the stove, it can catch fire.

8. Children must be supervised by adults throughout the operation of the fire in the stove, during all time fire is in the stove, children supervision being the guest’s responsibility.

9. URSA MICA GLAMPING cannot be held responsible and these cannot constitute grounds for refunding the price of the accommodation paid by the customer, in the following cases:

smoke coming out of the tent as a result of not using the stove and the tools provided properly or as a result of the client’s lack of experience or ignorance of lighting/maintaining the fire,

the client’s own injury, through burning, as a result of trying to light the fire or carelessly touching it when it is hot.

Telephone from the location: 0758 090 060

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Ursa Mica Glamping Team

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