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Tent Use Regulations

It is forbidden to move the furniture from the tent.

The lighting of fire in the tent stove is done by the client and the stove that is part of the tent ammenities will be used respecting the safety norms for the prevention and extinguishing of fires.

Children will be supervised by parents when the stove is used.

The use of the furniture will not affect the tent canvas by forcing it or ripping it.

It is forbidden to store, prepare and consume food in the tent.

Garbage and household waste will be stored in household bags in trash cans placed in tents or spaces specially arranged for garbage storage.

It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts and seed husks in any other place than garbage cans or ashtrays; the cigarette butts will be put out beforehand.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the tent.

It is strictly forbidden to bring and keep pets during the stay in the tent.

Towels, linen or bathrobes will not be used for: wiping dyed hair, for removing make-up, cleaning shoes, suitcases, flooring, etc.

Towels and bathrobes will be used exclusively for body use and will be left visible in the tent at check-out.

The tent lantern is received from the Ursa Mică staff at check-in, it is handed over at check-out by the client to the Ursa Mică staff, and during the stay, if necessary, it will be charged, it will be brought to the reception in the morning to be picked up. in the evening.

It is strictly forbidden to force the canvas of the tent, poke, cut, and damage it by any means. In any of any of these situations, Ursa Mică reserves the right to immediately receive compensation between 100EUR and 2000EUR depending on the damage caused.

For any destruction or damage to the goods or non-compliance with the rules of cleanliness and order, measures will be taken accordingly and the amounts related to the repair of the damages will be paid.


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