Enjoy our upcoming events at an altitude of 1250m: Whitsuntide and the Perseids!



Enjoy the stars at HD quality, every night!

Enjoy the stars at HD quality, every night!

If you want to feel dwarfed by nature, watch the stars from our wonderful glamping resort. At night, there is no light pollution, so the skies are crystal clear.

Stargazing is probably one of the most romantic glamping activities for couples and a very educational one for children. In both cases, we’re all reminded of the beautiful truth of being part of something much bigger. 


May 30: New Moon

A great night for star and planet gazing! A New Moon means dark skies and plenty of opportunities to look for planets and stars.

June 21: June Solstice

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, but few know that it also marks one of the brightest nights. 

Second half of June 2022: Five planets align

During the last two weeks of June, five planets will be simultaneously visible to the naked eye, all arrayed in a line that will span the eastern and southeastern morning twilight sky. Amazingly, they will all be aligned in their correct order from the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

July 13Biggest full Moon of the year

You might want to shoot that for future generations to admire. 

June 29: New Moon

Make the most of a moonlight-free night to look for some stars and planets in the skies. This month’s New Moon is also a Micro moon.

August 12/13 – Perseid Meteors

The Perseid is one of the most active and brightest meteor showers of the year. It’s a major event for many astral photographers, who come all the way to Ursa Mica to capture the magic bright glare of falling meteors in iconic photos.


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