Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

The Carpathian steep peaks are famous for attracting daring adventurers from all over the world. This bold glamping activity is the ultimate breath of freshness. Yet, it might also take your breath away once you conquer the most defiant peaks. Sweat by the day, so you can warm up at the fire at night.

Our top destinations for this sort of glamping adventure would be Dâmbovicioarei Gorges,  Zărnești Gorges and the Via Ferrata (iron path) protected climbing route from Râșnoavei Gorges.

All climbing activities are performed under the strict supervision of certified professionals, with all the necessary safety equipment. Though climbing might seem difficult and risky to the inexperienced eye, we assure you that it’s way easier while done and 100% secure.

Along with the belays, ropes, and harnesses, our climbing equipment includes helmets, chalk, climbing shoes, slings, and quickdraws.


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