Start dancing at the Fire of Sâmedru, the festivity that marks the start of winter in the shepherds’ calendar!

Sâmedru is their protector, and together with Sângeorz (Saint George) they decide the start of the seasons (winter and summer, for what matters).

Enjoy traditional Romanian food next to crackling huge fires, or try to catch another celebration, the old “Răvășitul Oilor” (Sheep Ruffling), involving great tastes as well (bulz, polenta, sheep pastrami, cheese, and various mouthwatering pot dishes).

Both festivals take place in late October, and they’re cordially dedicated to passionate gormandizers.

Curious about more customs and traditions? Each year, on the 24th of June, Romanians celebrate the unique pagan holiday of Sânziene, who are gracious fairies with magical healing powers. 

Folklore tradition says that on the night before their celebration, the Sanziene fly over meadows and hills to bless all wildflowers, enriching them with healing properties. If you’re into collecting medicinal plants, this would be the perfect time to grow your stash.


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