Bear Sanctuary Visit

If you’re an animal lover, don’t miss the largest brown bear sanctuary in the whole world!

If you’re an animal lover, don’t miss the largest brown bear sanctuary in the whole world! Located in Zărnești, only 20 minutes from Ursa Mica Glamping Resort, this huge welfare facility is home to over a hundred rescue bears from various European zoos and circuses. Witness the incredible revival of the brown bears, right in their natural habitat!

Explore 69 hectares of oak forests, where bears can climb trees, swim and splash in pools and eat healthy food according to diets tailored by their caring vets.

Visiting the sanctuary is a truly unique experience and there’s more than one way to enjoy it. 

Classic tour – This guided tour starts at fixed hours. It’s a one hour walk through the forest path, approximately 2 km, during which you will discover the stories of the bears living in the sanctuary.

Train tour– It is a special tour, for people who travel slowly or cannot keep up with a compact group, on a regular tour.  The maximum capacity is 22 visitors. During the train tour, you will get a free guide.

Private tour – If you want the full attention of your guide, choose this tour, which takes place along the classic route and lasts for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Reservations for the private tour will be made at least 48 hours in advance.

VIP tour – It’s the most complex tour. It lasts for about two and a half hours on a four-kilometer-long route. The route includes a visit to the first Teddy-Bear Museum in Romania, and the bunker from where the bears can be observed in the middle of their enclosure. 

Super VIP tour – Visit the sanctuary from the comfort and safety of a car that’s specially equipped for such endeavor, with guides ready to answer all your questions about our bears.

Visit a bear’s den, in a bunker placed in the middle of a 14 hectares’ enclosure. This tour is available only by appointment, at least 48 hours before the visit.

The car has 8 seats (two inside and six outside) and it’s available from Tuesday to Friday.


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