Enjoy our upcoming events at an altitude of 1250m: Whitsuntide and the Perseids!


Piatra Craiului National Park

Visit one of the most beautiful natural parks in the Carpathians, right at the base of Piatra Craiului Mountains!

Discover a rich variety of plants and animals, while enjoying a breathtaking view.

If you`re lucky…

Stay sharp and search for a rare flower, which exists exclusively here in the Carpathian, on Piatra Craiului Mountains. It’s a dark pinkish picotee, also known as Dianthus Callizonus. You may only shoot it with your camera and please, don’t touch it, under no circumstances.

If you`re really lucky…

Rare animals such as the lynx, black goats and sensational butterflies. You never know what you can see in the Carpathian Mountains.

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